Steps to Pay Registration/Application Fee Online

(Cash/check payments may be dropped off on-site during class days)

1. Link to

(you must have a PayPal account to use this method)

2. Click pay or send money

3. BETHM/BridgeX will not incur transaction fees.  Please include any transaction fees in your electronic payment

4. Enter e-Mail address:

5. Enter registration/application fee amount (Regular registration is $50 per student/$125 per family max; Late registration - begins June 10 - $100 per student/$250 per family max)

6. Verify payment amount 

7. Send

​All classes are $300 per year plus any applicable Materials/Lab fees as specified by the tutor, except 7th and 8th Grade Writing & Logic which is $325.  A payment of $30 plus any applicable Materials/Lab fee is due to the tutor by July 10th to hold a spot in a class.

The remaining balance may be paid in one of three ways:

a.  One payment (with a $25 discount) of $245 due August 10th

Two installments of $135 each due August 10th and December 10th

Three installments of $90 each due August 10th, November 10th; and February 10th

**Late payments are subject to a $30 late fee

**Tuition is paid DIRECTLY to the tutor!  Please DO NOT make tuition payments to Bridge Elementary/ Bridge Extension.

CLASSES:  All classes are a la carte (take as many or as few classes as you need) taught by qualified tutors in an engaging, structured environment.

**Class Descriptions are located on the Curriculum Page**

GRADES:  Students will be provided quarterly and year-end grades by the tutors based on class participation and completion of assigned work.  These documents may be utilized by you for your home school semi-annual and annual reviews as may be required by your home school umbrella or county.

ASSIGNMENT SHEETS:  Students will be provided weekly assignment sheets identifying material to be taught in the classroom by the tutor, with follow-up work to be completed at home in conjunction with the parent.

2020-2021 Academic Year Classes

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